Po.L.K. of A. Colorado Chapter – By Laws

Polka Lovers Klub of America

 Colorado Chapter

 Incorporated under the Laws of the State of Colorado as the

Polka Lovers Klub of America, Colorado Chapter


July 19, 2015





Section 1. This corporation will be known as the Polka Lovers Klub of America, Colorado Chapter, hereafter referred to as the Klub. The Colorado Chapter was incorporated by the State of Colorado as a Nonprofit Corporation on October 29, 1980.


SECTION 1. This Klub’s, like its parent Klub, known as the Polka Lovers Klub of America, general objectives are the preservation and advancement of polka music and dancing.

SECTION 2. This Klub will have all the powers now or hereafter conferred upon corporations organized under the “Colorado Nonprofit Corporation Act’ Title 7.

SECTION 3. The limitation of corporate (Klub) powers will be consistent with the laws of Colorado and as specified in the Constitution of the parent Klub.


SECTION 1. Membership in the Klub is open to all persons as delineated in ARTICLE 111 of the parent Klub, POLKA LOVERS KLUB OF AMERICA, and AMENDED AND RESTATED ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION.

SECTION 2. The Executive Board will establish Colorado Chapter dues. Annual dues are due each year on January 1st and will be considered delinquent on March 1st. Dues must be paid by March 1st for continuous membership and for names to be included in the membership list, roster or directory. Dues paid in December will be applied to the following year,

SECTION 3. Application for membership will be made in writing by completion of the membership application and payment of the annual dues for Colorado. All applicants must have final approval by the Executive Board.

SECTION 4. Members who have paid their dues for three (3) consecutive years and become ninety (90) years old or older will be able to get into the dances free of charge as long as their dues are kept up to date.

SECTION 5. Charter members of the Klub are those people who joined before March 1, 1979.

SECTION 6. Each member will be entitled to one vote on each issue at any meeting of the Klub.

SECTION 7. Children under the age of eighteen (18) will be admitted free of charge.

(Revised July 19, 2015)


SECTION 1. The administrative affairs and management of the Klub will be vested in an Executive Board consisting of the elected positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and five Directors.

SECTION 2. Each elected official of the Klub, as a prerequisite for their continuing to serve in said position, will not miss three (3) unexcused consecutive meetings of all the regular general meetings and regular and special meetings of the Board, as appropriate. The Board may make exception to this rule under what they feel are extenuating circumstances.

SECTION 3. No two members of one immediate family will serve in an elected position at the same time.


SECTION 1. The Executive Board will:

  1. Represent the Klub in all internal and external affairs;
  2. Have general supervision of the affairs of the Klub between general membership meetings;
  3. Make recommendations to the general membership regarding Klub activities, including recommendations for distribution of funds to charities and nonprofit organizations;
  4. Be responsible for the preparation and approval of an operating budget at the beginning of the fiscal year. (January 1)
  5. Pass on and approve the appropriations and expenditures of all funds of the Klub. The Board will determine if a general membership vote is required;
  6. Approve all activities involving finances before they are undertaken by the Klub;
  7. Determine the location for the general membership meetings and change the date of a meeting if a conflict exists;
  8. Approve new applicants for membership;
  9. Establish standing rules for operation of the Klub.


SECTION 1. The President will:

  1. Enforce a due observance of these Bylaws and the Parent Klub’s Constitution;
  2. Preside at the Klub’s General Membership meetings and Executive Board meetings;
  3. Exercise supervision over the affairs of the Klub,
  4. Call special sessions of the Executive Board, as required;
  5. Appoint all committees.
  6. Give a report of the Executive Board’s decisions at the General Membership meetings.



SECTION 1. The Vice President will:

  1. Act in the absence or disability of the President;
  2. Fulfill any special assignments or projects assigned by the Executive Board.



SECTION 1. The Secretary will:

  1. Keep appropriate minutes of all proceedings at all meetings of the General Membership and Executive Board.

1.The minutes of the previous membership meeting will be read for approval at the General Membership meeting.

  1. Establish that a quorum is present at all meetings;
  2. Maintain all documents and records pertaining to the operation of the Klub, other than financial records and membership;
  3. Be responsible for all routine correspondence of the Klub;
  4. Perform such other duties applicable to the office as prescribed by the Executive Board.



 SECTION 1. Treasurer will:

а.  Deposit all funds, from whatever source received, in such depository as the Executive Board may designate, in the name of the Klub;

  1. Submit to the Executive Board, for approval, all items that require a disbursement of funds, except those items covered by the standing rules established by the Executive Board;

с.  Require a form to be submitted with receipts for payment of all expenditures;

  1. Be responsible for drafting all checks and shall keep a record of all income and disbursements. All checks will require the signatures of two (2) elected officials of the Klub. Signatory authority will be limited to the President, Treasurer, and one elected official appointed by the President;
  2. Submit a detailed written financial report to the Klub at all meetings of the general membership and make other financial reports as requested by the Executive Board. The reports, prepared by the Treasurer, will be as prescribed by the Executive Board;
  3. Deliver books to auditors in January so that an auditor’s report can be given at the February meeting and the books can be turned over to the new Treasurer in March.


Section 2.  Financial records shall be maintained as a double-entry set of books.  All incoming money, no matter how small, in the amount of cash or checks, shall be deposited in a Klub checking account.  All outgoing money, no matter how Small, for expenses shall be in the form of a check or appear as a debit item in the checking account.  All deposits and disbursements must be documented with supportive receipts.

(Revised July 19, 2015)



SECTION 1. The Membership Secretary will:

    аKeep a current up-to-date list of names and addresses of all members of the Klub;

  1. Present new applications for membership to the Executive Board for approval;
  2. Keep monthly records of the names of members paying dues during any particular month. All dues will be turned over to the Treasurer for deposit and books will be closed out each month;
  3. Have available a membership list of all names, addresses, membership dates, and other pertinent information of all members having paid their dues by March 1st. The list will indicate whether Charter or regular member, and will show date of continuous membership;
  4. Place a notice in the last calendar year issue of the “Polka Notes” to inform all members that their dues are due and payable in January and will be in arrears as of March 1st;
  5. Maintain sign-in sheets for each meeting of the general membership in order to verify attendance.



SECTION 1. The nominating and Election Committee, consisting of two or more members appointed at the October meeting, will:

  1. Establish a slate of candidates as nominees for the Executive Board offices to be filled at the annual meeting in February.
  2. Determine the eligibility of nominees for the election, both selected by the Nominating Committee and as nominated from the floor on Election Day;
  3. Verify membership and maintain a sign-in-sheet prior to giving a ballot to a member;
  4. Be responsible for conducting the election, which includes distribution, collecting, counting and posting of the ballots.
  5. An absentee ballot shall be available one month before the election.

SECTION 2. Service on this Committee will not preclude members of the committee from becoming nominees for office themselves if nominated from the floor.

(Revised July 19, 2015)


SECTION 1.  In addition to recreational activities regularly sponsored or scheduled by the Klub, the Klub will:

  1. Hold a general membership meeting the second Sunday of every other month (February, April, June, August, October, December). If there is a conflict with other activities, the meeting date and time can be changed by the Executive Board;
  2. The location of each of these meetings will be determined by the Executive Board.

SECTION 2. Five percent (5%) of the members of the Klub will constitute a quorum for conducting business at a general membership meeting. The quorum will include at least five (5) members of the Executive Board.

SECTION 3. The Executive Board will conduct a monthly meeting provided a quorum is available; the date, time and place will be at their discretion. The monthly meeting may be cancelled at the discretion of a majority of the Executive Board.

SECTION 4. Seven members of the Executive Board will constitute a quorum for conducting business at an Executive Board meeting.



SECTION 1. The latest revision of “Robert’s Rules of Order” will be the governing parliamentary rules of the Klub in all cases not definitely provided for in the Bylaws.

SECTION 2. The order of business will be established by the Executive Board.



SECTION 1. The election of members to elected offices of the Klub will be held at the February general membership meeting. Members who have been elected will assume office at the adjournment of the February meeting of the year elected.

SECTION 2. The slate of nominees for elected offices of the Klub will be published per the duties of the Nominating Committee. The submission of names by the Nominating Committee will not; however, preclude other nominations being made from the floor

  1. When more than one candidate is nominated for an office, the election for that office will be by ballot.
  2. When only one candidate is nominated for office, and no nominations are made from the floor, the chair can declare that the nominee is elected by acclamation.

SECTION 3. The term of office for each Officer will be for a period of one year.  The term of office for each Director will be for a period of two years.

SECTION 4. A nominee, to be eligible as a candidate for election to the Executive Board, must be a member of the Klub, in good standing for one year. In addition, a nominee must have attended at least one regular meeting in the year prior to the election and which may include the meeting of the election. No nomination will be valid unless agreed to by the nominee, either orally or in writing.  In the event the Nominating Committee cannot find a candidate for the slate, the matter will be presented to the membership for resolution at the General Membership Meeting during the election process.

SECTION 5.  No member, seeking election to an office in the Klub, will hold an appointed or elected office in any polka club other than the Polka Lovers Klub of America, Colorado Chapter.

SECTION 6. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be declared elected. In the event of a tie vote for any office, there shall be another ballot taken by the members present. This ballot will be limited to those candidates involved.

SECTION 7.  Vacancies in elected positions will be filled as follow:

  1. Approval by the Executive Board of an appointee, recommended by the President, to fill an unexpired term of office for the remainder of the year until the next annual election.
  2. Elected at the annual election for the remainder of the unexpired term.



SECTION 1. When the membership has been notified of the proposed removal of one or all elected officials of the Executive Board, the members may be removed, with or without cause, by a vote of the members present at any meeting of the general membership.

  1. An Executive Board member whose term of office expires at the next annual meeting may be removed by a vote of a majority of the members present;
  2. An Executive Board member whose term of office does not expire at the next annual meeting may be removed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present;
  3. An Executive Board member may resign at any time by giving written notice of resignation to the Klub or by                                                                                 announcing the resignation at a meeting of the general membership.



SECTION 1.  The Klub has the inherent right to make and enforce its laws and to punish an offender. The extreme penalty being expulsion from the Klub. The procedure will be as follows:

  1. Charges for censorship and/or expulsion will be in Writing and presented to the Executive Board. The member will be presented with a copy of the charges and be given an opportunity to refute such charges before the Executive Board. A two thirds (2/3) vote of the entire Executive Board will decide if the charges warrant censorship or expulsion;
  2. The member may appeal the ruling of the Executive Board to a special meeting of the general membership. Censorship and/or expulsion will be accomplished by an affirmative vote of two thirds (2/3) of the members present at the special meeting:
  3. For self-protection the Klub may publish only that the person has ceased to be a member of the Klub.

SECTION 2. The Klub’s membership may censor or expel a member for, but not limited to, the following charges:

  1. Acting against the purpose and good faith of the Klub;
  2. Becoming a member by means of deceit or fraud;
  3. Action against the laws and articles of the Parent Klub Constitution, the Klub’s Bylaws, and the Articles of Incorporation;
  4. Membership or support in any society or organization, that opposes the purpose and

function of the Klub;

  1. Misconduct by maliciously disrupting the orderly process of conducting the Klub’s

objectives and purposes as directed by the membership, including but not limited to:

  1. Fighting at a Klub function;
  2. 2. Intemperate use of intoxicating liquors, drugs, or narcotics, or attending a Klub function while intoxicated;
  3. Willful defamation of a member or elected official of the Klub;
  4. Willful withholding of any money, books or other property belonging to the Klub.



SECTION 1. Amendments to these Bylaws may be made by the membership. The procedures will meet the following requirements:

  1. All members will be notified of proposed amendments or revisions to the Bylaws by a notice published in two (2) consecutive issues of the Klub’s newsletter, “The Polka Notes’, prior to the meeting at which the proposed amendments or revisions will be acted upon. All members will be mailed one copy of any proposed amendments or revisions to the Bylaws. All proposed amendments or revisions so presented must be approved by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at the meeting, to be effective. This vote will be by secret ballot.
  2. To assure the accuracy and clarity of intent and for publication purposes, all proposed amendments to the Klub’s Bylaws will be submitted in writing by the proposer;
  3. In the event amendments are proposed, a committee will be appointed to research the legality of the amendments (State laws and Parent Club). The Executive Board will be responsible for completion of all requirements (publication balloting and notifying Minnesota).



SECTION 1. This corporation shall not be dissolved without the written consent of eighty percent (80%) of all members in good standing.

SECTION 2. Should such dissolution be approved, the distribution or division of assets will be used first for payment of existing debts.

SECTION 3.  The Executive Board will make recommendations for distribution of the remaining assets to such charities or non-profit organizations for approval by the general membership.

The Polka Lovers Klub of America, Colorado Chapter, is not responsible for any action taken or financial obligations assumed by its members, or others, unless properly authorized by this organization through its officers and membership.


 These revised Bylaws have met the requirements for publication as previously stated in the documents of the Klub. They were approved by two thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at the General Membership Meeting on March 8, 2015.

These adopted Bylaws supersede all previous constitutions and Bylaws of the Chapter.

Approved by the following Executive Board Members: Leo Gross, President; Al Weidman, Vice President; Shirley Hansen, Secretary; Vi Anderson, Treasurer; Bill Rogers, Membership Secretary; Ed Pugh, Director; Jean Mund, Director; Marilyn Priola, Director; Janet Heinen, Director; Ron Gahan, Director.

Prior Bylaws revision dates: August 13, 1995;  August 10, 1997; February 13, 2000; October 20, 2002;  October 9, 2011;  March 8, 2015;




  1. The treasurer is authorized to disburse funds to pay for submitted expenses (accompanied with a valid .  receipt up to $500.00 without formal Board approval.

B..  The Band Committee is authorized to spend $500.00 for bands, bands that are local. Out of state bands will be paid the price, that is agreed upon at the time of signing them to perform. The Band Committee is authorized to spend $1,500.00 for each out of state band; needs board approval for more than $1,500.00.

  1. The “polka Notes” Committee is authorized to spend up to $500.00 for printing, stamps, and any miscellaneous expenses associated with publishing and mailing each issue of the “Polka Notes”.
  2. The Treasurer will pay the following routine expenses without submittal to the board:
  3. The sum of $5.00 to the Denver Kickers Sports Club ever January in order to maintain the Klub’s Associate Membership with the Kickers.
  4. The sum of $10.00 to the State of Colorado each year, by the end of the year. And should include the Corporate Report to the Department of State, Corporations Section and giving the name changes of Registered Agent and KLUBS President (Reminder cards come in from State in October).
  5. Expenses for maintaining the services of the Klub’s CPA for the annual audits.
  6. Expenses as necessary for the Hospitality Chairperson to send Sympathy and Get Well Cards.
  7. Upon death of a member, the treasurer will include a check for $50.00 with the Sympathy Card that is sent to the surviving family or designated charity.
  8. Expenses for the purchase of flowers for special occasions, by the Hospitality person. –
  9. Prizes that are given out to members by ticket stubs (such as food & beverage) will be paid to the Kickers Sports Club at $6.00, for each stub that is received, and $5.00 for cash prizes.
  10. The Membership Secretary will report the total of members each year to the Minnesota parent Klub. This will be done in the fall, in order to maintain membership in the Po.L.K. of A at the rate of $1.00 per member.  In accordance with the rules governing chapters.
  11. The Treasurer will issue whatever sums necessary for the Membership Secretary to get the supply of cards.
  12. A standing fund of $200.00 will be maintained for the use of Sunday opening as petty cash for ($) change at the dance.
  13. By Tradition two tables are reserved at the Polka Lovers Klub Christmas Party for the Denver Kickers kitchen and bar volunteers who receive a paid for ticket. This is a part of the long standing partnership expectations between the two clubs.
  14. The Board will vote on any other expenditures not listed above. Revised 07/20/15








As a minimum, a copy of these rules will be given to all Committee Chairpersons.


  1. All committees will abide by the requirements of Article V, Section 1e and 1f of the Klub Bylaws.


  1. All committees will present proposed expenditures to the Board for approval.  Names of guest invited to attend Klub functions at Klub expense will be submitted to the Board for approval.


  1. The committee chairperson, when requested, will make progress reports to the board each month, either written or oral, and upon invitation to a board meeting will present the report in person.


  1. All funds collected by a committee as part of its activities will be deposited with the Klub Treasurer as an ongoing routine as the committee activities take place. The Treasurer will issue checks for all committee expenditures.


  1. Sunday Opening Committee Chairperson will recruit volunteers for Sunday Openings for scheduled dances. Volunteers who are opening should be at the Denver Kicker’s Sport Club one hour before the dance starts, for the convenience of early arrivals.  Exceptions will be at times of a scheduled General Membership Meeting at which time the doors will open one hour prior to the meeting time.


APPROVED by the BOARD of DIRECTORS – July 19, 2015